Teamsters Veterans Caucus


Our Mission Statement

We, the Teamsters Veteran Caucus Connecticut Chapter 1, organize and assemble for the purpose of serving those who have taken it upon themselves to serve our great nation in both times of war and peace. Seeking to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie amongst veterans and non-veterans within our respective workplaces, we stand unified under the common cause of tending to the welfare of our country's military veterans past, present, and future. We strive to become a reliable source of knowledge and resources that veterans within our community may access quickly and effectively. Our primary goals are to ensure that veterans within our organization are accurately informed of their rights and benefits which they so justly deserve, as well as mobilizing a diverse group of volunteers who stand ready and able to answer the call when a veteran is in need. We stand to acknowledge and enrich the lives of these noble servants, so their acts of patriotism and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

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Local 1150 Women's Committee

If you are interested in joining the Local 1150 Women's Committee please contact or

There will be a Meet & Greet for anyone interested.

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Time: 4:00PM

Location: Teamsters Local 1150 Union Hall, 150 Garfield Ave, Stratford, CT 06615

1150 PRIDE Caucus

1150 PRIDE is a caucus of individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, or asexual, questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation and allies.


1150 PRIDE offers all LGBTQIA+ members a safe space to open up and talk about issues concerning our community and our union. We are committed to raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, eliminating homophobia, transphobia, and all sexuality-related phobias from the workplace, and advocating for equal treatment for all union members. We seek and will work tirelessly for a genuine harassment-free and inclusive workplace that respects all persons, regardless of their differences.


Teamsters for Tomorrow

The Teamsters For Tomorrow (T4T) is a diverse group of Teamsters who are working to further the cause of our great union. Working with our Local Union, we strive to build a foundation for future Teamsters through education, communication, and participation. With issues facing our union such as Right to work, it is important now more than ever for the next generation of Teamsters to be prepared to preserve our great union. We must forge a place for ourselves and for future generations of Teamsters. At this critical time in our history we must join together to carry on the traditions of the men and women who struggled to get the labor movement where it is today. Brothers and Sisters, the time has come for you to "Be What Tomorrow Needs."

We are young Teamsters who are proud to be members of the greatest union in the world. We are members who take an active roll in our Local Union under the guidance of it's Executive Board. We believe that it is time for this generation to step up and begin to carry on more than 100 years of Teamsters tradition.

If you are a young Teamster interested in getting involved, contact us today and ask how to join the Teamsters for Tomorrow cause.

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Teamsters National Black Caucus

What is the TNBC? 

The Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC) is an organization of black Teamster men and women, who are united by their special concerns for rights and conditions of workers. Working within the framework of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Constitution, the TNBC seeks to address pressing issues confronting black workers ranging from increased participation to outreach to the African American community and other communities of color. 

What is the TNBC's Purpose? 

At its founding, the TNBC had four important goals:

  1. To organize and educate the unorganized in our communities throughout the United States 
  2. To promote affirmative action in the workplace and in our community 
  3. To encourage political action and legislation 
  4. To increase black participation and uphold the principles of the Teamsters’ movement and to foster the opportunity for all Teamsters to serve in leadership capacities, throughout the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the affiliates. 

What does the TNBC mean for me? 

As a member of the TNBC, you become part of a nationwide organization working within the Teamsters Union to give a stronger voice in your workplace, in your union and in running your government at all levels. 

TNBC Mission Statement

To uphold the principals of the Teamsters' movement and to foster the opportunity for all Teamsters to serve in leadership capacities throughout the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and its affiliates. 

To unite blacks and other minorities, and other persons of good will for promoting cultural, civic, legislative, political, educational, fraternal, charitable, welfare, social and other activities which further the interests of minorities directly or indirectly. 

To assist financially, morally, or otherwise, other organizations having purposes and objectives related to this organization. 

To engage in community activities which will advance the interest of this organization and its members in the community and in the nation, directly or indirectly. 

To assist TNBC chapters and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and its affiliates. 

To organize and educate the unorganized. 

Please visit our Facebook Page: Connecticut Chapter Teamsters National Black Caucus. On our Facebook Page you will see our activities which includes our 2019 Scholarship Awards Banquet, volunteer services and contributions. 

For more information or to become a TNBC Member please send us an email at


Mentoring Program

Our nationally recognized Career Pathways Union Mentoring Program brings high school students into the factory to learn what it means to be a union worker in America and to see what it takes to build the world's finest helicopters. Use the links below to learn more about this AWARD WINNING PROGRAM.

Program Overview
Watch the Program Video
The Mentoring Initiative
Workforce Strategies Toolkit

Sikorsky Aircraft
The Workplace Inc.
Platt Technical High School
Kaynor Technical High School
Emmett O'Brien Technical High School
Fairchild Wheeler Multi-Magnet School
Bridgeport Aquaculture School
Shelton High School

Take Action!

The War On Workers is being waged each and every day. Union members and workers accross the nation need to fight back and TAKE ACTION! Visit the IBT Take Action page and see how easy it is to fight back.

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Political Action

Politics may be distasteful to some, but there is no denying how heavily politics and politicians affect our lives each day. It is important for us to be educated and to exercise our right to vote in each election.

Local 1150 encourages its members to always be politically active, to vote when given the opportunity and to continually educate themselves about political issues. Nothing impacts our lives on such a broad scope quite like politics does, so it is important for us to understand the issues that affect us and to take action when necessary.

Education is the key to strong political action. Please use the link below to visit our Political Action page and learn all you can about the issues and people who affect your life at home and in the workplace.

Teamsters Podcast

Want to know what's going on with Teamsters members around the country? Visit the Teamster Nation News page where you can read the latest headlines or listen to the weekly PODCAST. From the picket lines to the contract negotiation table to community action, hear it all right here.